Coach Kathy Kemper is a celebrated American executive, philanthropist, and tennis coach. She has spent her life fostering leadership and advocating for civility in a rapidly changing world. While her early career was grounded in the world of tennis, where she served as the head of the women’s tennis team at Georgetown University, her true legacy lies in her impactful work fostering collaboration among the world’s leading change-makers.

In 1992, Coach Kemper founded the Institute for Education (IFE), a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit organization that has emerged as a leading platform for the promotion of leadership, civil discourse, and the search for common ground at local, national, and global levels. Over the years, IFE has hosted an impressive array of esteemed guests, from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Arianna Huffington, engaging them in thoughtful discourse on issues of global significance.

Under Coach Kemper’s stewardship, IFE has shown a strong emphasis on the power of data, innovation, and soft diplomacy. It actively fosters collaboration between the federal government and the private sector, exemplified by its close ties with the Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) program. IFE’s commitment to education also shines in its partnership with USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering to offer a free coding summer camp CS@SC for underrepresented populations.

As a regular contributor to The Hill and a featured writer in multiple reputable publications including The Globalist and USAToday, Coach Kemper consistently shares her insights on leadership, technology, policy, and the changing landscape of global relations.

Today, in addition to her work as CEO of IFE, Coach Kemper continues to advocate for innovation and leadership in her role as an AI Ambassador for AIGrrls. She’s also an active investor with a focus on biotech and healthcare with Family Futures LLC.

Kemper is a true pioneer in merging the worlds of policy, technology, and diplomacy. Welcome to the intersection of leadership and innovation.